Solution Architecture

There is no “one” right answer, but we have seen plenty of wrong solutions that inhibit and frustrate organisations to know what not to do. We believe in working with the client to understand the project-specific requirements and the existing infrastructure, teams and processes to tailor our approach and craft the solution.

That is not to say, it’s like starting from scratch each time. Far from it. Codera’s architects draw on decades of experience, recognising similarities in what has gone before and combining this with their knowledge of current technologies to ensure we deliver the best-fit solution.  

As with the best architects in any industry, our architects are visionaries, using their understanding of the various components available and how they interact, to create a solution that delivers. One that can cope with the here and now, but also evolve to the requirements of the future. We design robust, scalable enterprise systems in a modular, de-coupled way that allows the ability to adapt in a predictable cost effective manner.

Moreover, our solutions are simple in design. And by simple, we don’t mean easy.  It is all too easy to fall into the trap of trying to be everything to everyone, often resulting in overly complex, expensive and brittle architecture. Rather, we work hard with you to rationalise and prioritise requirements, making sure we deliver the most cost-effective streamlined solution.

The beauty, if it can be found in IT architecture, is in minimalism, where simplicity is sought to solve complicated problems.

So if you need an intelligent architecture that strikes the correct balance between business requirements, cost, timescale, risk and compliance then contact us, we’re more than happy to discuss our services in more detail.