Software Delivery

Software is our passion and delivering high-quality, fit for purpose, cost-effective systems is what we do best. We care about what we deliver but equally, we care about what our clients think and the relationships we form.

We work closely with you to deliver what you want in stages, giving you the chance to see what is being built at the earliest opportunity and allowing you to shape it at every turn. This ensures your product always remains on track in your eyes and is capable of adapting to unexpected (and often inevitable) change.

Our use of Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration, mean we always have a Potentially Releasable Product that can be put ‘live’ much earlier than with more traditional 'big bang' approaches to software delivery.

Our Experience

Codera practitioners have a wealth of experience in delivering enterprise software systems across a number of domains including: accountancy, sports betting, financial services, FX and healthcare.

Below is just a snapshot of the high profile projects, our practitioners have worked on.


Over ten years experience working in the healthcare market for multiple suppliers in the West Yorkshire region.

Taking an active role in critical infrastructure projects for the NHS as well as primary and secondary care applications for public and private companies. 

Involvement stretching the breadth of development, support and architecture, providing Codera with a clear understanding of the healthcare domain and the special needs of this important and growing market.


Working for one of Britain's largest betting companies.

Delivering message-based systems to automate the pricing of sporting events, both pre-match and in-play.

Providing a system that delivered real-time view of payout liability based on bets placed across the entire retail estate.

Mentoring and training to upskill the client's in-house development capability.

Foreign Exchange

Delivery of a low latency foreign exchange trading system for global blue chip company.

This project was to replace a 20-year old legacy system, used daily by over 10,000 clients worldwide, that had become uneconomical to maintain.

The new system was designed and successfully implemented to handle daily trading volumes worth over $100 billion without any outages.