Developer Training

Codera has many years experience in developing robust, scalable software working on both greenfield and legacy systems. We have used that experience to develop training courses covering some of the techniques that we believe help developers to become more effective at delivering high quality software that is adaptable to change.

Effective Test Driven Development

Test Driven Development (TDD) is a software development technique that has gained more prominence as adoption of more agile ways of working has increased. A number of studies have shown that employing TDD results in higher quality software, yet there is often a lack of understanding of what TDD actually is and how to most effectively use it in day-to-day software development.

Our leading practitioners have created a training course which teaches the effective habits of TDD in a practical setting.

On this Course You Will Learn

  • The basics of Test Driven Development
  • Refactoring techniques
  • Good object oriented (OO) design skills
  • Improving the design of software by listening to the tests
  • Simplifiying tests using techniques such as test data builders
  • Effective use of mocking to isolate tests

How is the Course Delivered?

We can run this course for small teams of software developers on-site at your company if you have suitable facilities, or alternatively we can arrange an off-site location. Contact us to find out more and to discuss pricing and availability.

Working with Legacy Code

The training course on working with legacy code is currently under development. We will provide further details here soon.