Month Two in the life of a Codera Placement Student

Hear more from Shahza and Leah in this latest blog post as they talk about their time with us...

Training"It has now been 2 months since we began our placement, and we have started to properly settle in to our office, which has a fairly laid back, light-hearted yet hard-working atmosphere. Our routines have stabilised, allowing us to get started with the working day as soon as we arrive – sometimes we are even greeted by cakes or other sweet snacks brought in by our colleagues!

We are currently working in a small team of three developers on a product, with our CEO acting as our team manager, and are enjoying getting stuck in to working on a real life product whilst trying to achieve real production quality, which is tougher and requires more dedication than our projects at university. This product will be our main focus for the foreseeable future, involving a tough learning curve… Nevertheless, with the support of our team members and other colleagues we are slowly making progress, improving our skills and absorbing knowledge that will undoubtedly prove to be useful in the future.

To manage our project, we have been practising the Scrum[1] methodology, which has certainly been interesting… Our boss continuously prompts us to reflect on and question the effectiveness of this process, making us think for ourselves and consider changes to suit the team dynamic. Right now we are sticking to the book as much as possible, in order to properly experience Scrum and form an opinion on whether or not it fits for our team. Among the ceremonies conducted every sprint, we have a Sprint planning, review and retrospective (where we discuss successes and failures of the previous sprint and come up with potential improvements to increase productivity and overall team moral).

In terms of the actual development, we have been exposed to many new frameworks and tools, providing opportunities for developing new skills. To name a few, we have been using Spring MVC[2], Boot[3], Security[4] and Flyway[5] as well as REST[6] and Tomcat[7] web services. Throughout production, we have been trying our best to employ TDD[8], which honestly hasn’t been all that easy, though we are slowly getting the hang of it as we discover new frameworks, such as Mockito[9], to aid in unit testing and receive guidance from colleagues.

Alongside our project we are spending around 10% of our time doing self-improvement, including reading books, watching videos[10] and a recent visit to the Leeds Testing Atelier. For this event we got to spend a day out of the office, with a great opportunity to network with local companies and enjoy various talks and activities regarding software testing. To maintain our satisfaction and fulfilment during our placement, we have had catch-ups with our CEO, which conveys Codera’s dedication to its employees."