An Agile Journey (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Change!)

Our CEO, David Turner, gave a talk at the January 2016 Agile Yorkshire meet up in Leeds where he spoke about his experience in the software industry and his view of the ever popular buzz word "agile".

In his talk, he unveils the lessons he learned through XP, via his founding of the extreme programming club (that later became Agile Yorkshire) to his experience of setting up Codera, a company that is passionate about delivery rather than simply the process used to deliver.

David goes on to explain what parts of Agile are important to him and what parts of Agile he believes have been misunderstood, mis-represented or just plain abused.

He also discusses the lessons he has learned through delivery in large organisations and how this compares and contrasts with effective delivery in smaller set-ups (such as start ups).  

The presentation slide pack that David used is available for download and a video of the actual talk will be available soon.