About Us

The people behind the vision

As a group of experienced software professionals that have been developing enterprise systems for over 15 years, we were brought together by our shared passion for development and a common frustration with well-intentioned but badly-implemented practices in the industry. Our goal was to create an environment free of such frustration, in which high-quality software can be delivered quickly in a controlled, well-tested and predictable manner.

Our Founders

David Turner

David qualified as a cabinet maker after leaving University, where he learnt many things (which largely don't apply to IT) but mainly that whilst working with wood was good for the soul, he was better suited to a career with computers. Since then he has been a development manager, solutions architect, enterprise architect, an advocate for XP/agile/lean thinking (co-founding Agile Yorkshire along the way) but nowadays considers himself a delivery-focused pragmatist.

David is our Chief Executive Officer.

Andy Stewart

Andy graduated in Computer Science from the University of Sheffield in 2000 and has been developing software professionally ever since. He has spent the last decade mainly working on high volume messaging-based solutions across a number of sectors including foreign exchange, gaming, betting, healthcare and financial services. He is a keen advocate of engineering practises that help teams deliver higher quality software faster such as CI and TDD. 

Andy is our Chief Technology Officer.

Richard Stevenson

Richard graduated from St. Andrews in 1997 and has since been involved in developing software in a wide range of different sectors including assurance, loyalty cards, rail ticketing, banking, emergency services, foreign exchange, gambling, streaming media and financial services.